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With the strategic orientation, complying to local law regulations and the agreements signed between two countries, providing transparence information, take advance from the both sides support, BBS balances between developing a sustainable company and contributing more and more to the community, ensuring a green - clean - dust-free, non-toxic and non-harmful environment ", BBS identifies key aspects for sustainable development including




Profits of our partner entities are one of the core values ​​at BBS, a measure of the efficiency of production and business activities and a criterion for evaluating the sustainable development of the Company. Since its establishment up to now, BBS has always focused on taking care of ensuring the interests of the investors and partners. Ensuring effective production and business activities is also to ensure that there are enough resources to implement the responsibility for the environment, community and society.




Orientation for Investor-Entrepreneur-Bangladesh-Vietnam becomes "Green Enterprise" is one of the goals that BBS always aims for. In addition to providing info-connect-support activities, the organization constantly strives to minimize environmental damage through the development of eco-friendly products, research and application of new technology as well as the application of a 100% closed production cycle, without harmful waste to the environment.




One of the operating principles of BBS is: linking the mission info-connect-support with the implementation of community responsibilities, taking community activities as a bridge connect organization and the society, considering it as a cultural characteristic. In that spirit, BBS has been actively participating in social and charitable activities such as supporting flood victims, upland children, contributing materially to local study promotion funds, etc.




BBS is always committed to doing its best, creating conditions for each employee to maximize their capacity and experience at work, creating career development opportunities, contributing to success of each individual. Constantly creating and maintaining a friendly, equal, cooperative, solidarity and discipline working environment, in which everyone has the opportunity to develop, balance the interests of the organization and employees to help employees to stick to work for the general development.

BBS always creates conditions in terms of time and money for employees to be trained to improve their working ability and at the same time encourages employees to apply the knowledge they have learned in their work.