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With the aim of ensuring safety and health for workers, environmental protection, and environmental sustainability, BBS has developed, maintained and continually improved the HSEQ system of standards including: Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001: 2007, Social Responsibility System SA 8000: 2014 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015. BBS has also issued regulations on economical use of energy and regulates the use of clean water for factories and departments internal of the organization in order to use resources more efficiently, minimizing waste.

With the above activities, BBS can assert that most aspects related to health management, worker safety, and environmental protection are strictly controlled to ensure not only compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese law but also international standards.



Improving the working environment 

With the aim of contributing to improving the working environment, saving materials, and reducing production costs, BBS has implemented the KAIZEN 5S improvement program throughout the Company and was enthusiastically responded by employees. The company also developed a rewarding policy to encourage employees to contribute ideas, recommendations, and suggestions for improvement in quality, safety, and working environment.

Policy for employees – Chính sách đối với người lao động

Human resource development is one of the top priorities in the sustainable development strategy at BBS. After years of construction and development, the biggest asset BBS has is a team of highly qualified staff with the enthusiasm and devotion working under the common home of the Company. BBS builds a salary policy based on the principles of ensuring fairness, competition and reasonableness according to the 3P method (assessed by capacity, position, and performance of work). The employee's salary is determined by position and job title, based on clear and quantitative evaluation criteria, ensuring consistent with capacity and achieved job results. The periodic salary increase regime, allowances plus monthly income such as harmful allowances, work expenses, telephone allowances, etc. ensure the encouragement of qualified and skilled workers.



Complying with the law, fulfilling tax obligations  

BBS commits and always fully implements the State's regulations on regimes and policies for workers, on occupational, environment safety and fire protection, etc.

BBS complies with all tax obligations, increasing its contribution to the State budget, with increasing growth rate.

Social and community activities 

With the motto: A sustainable development enterprise is an enterprise that fully fulfills and self-respects its responsibility to employees, the community and society. Over the years, BBS has always considered charity activities, helping the community as a unique culture, deeply humane, and the Company's responsibility to the society.