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Bangladeshi artists at the "Ho Chi Minh" play



Artistic Director and founder of Bangladesh’s Turongomi Repertory Dance Theatre Pooja Sengupta shared the Bangladeshi people’s sentiment for President Ho Chi Minh.

In her article, Sengupta, who choreographed a play on Ho Chi Minh’s life that was staged in September 2019, said like in Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh is admired by a large number of Bangladeshi people who view him as a dedicated politician. 

He travelled around the world to seek international friends’ support for national liberation and reunification in Vietnam, she wrote, noting that he is also one the few world leaders who succeeded in struggling by using both the pen and revolutionary actions.

Recalling the production of the “Ho Chi Minh” play, Sengupta said her crew concurrently studied the leader’s life via books, newspapers and documentaries before they wrote the script.

Reenacting the whole life and career of Ho Chi Minh in just 40 minutes was difficult, and creating a work for the international audience was even harder, according to her.

This put great pressure on the crew, Sengupta said, adding they had received considerable support from the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangladesh during the production. Artists from the Turongomi Repertory Dance Theatre and students from the Turongomi School of Dance worked enthusiastically to perform the play.

Concluding her article, the artist sent congratulations to the Vietnamese people and admirers of President Ho Chi Minh around the world on the leader’s 130th birth anniversary (May 19).