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Experiment Travel, Accomodation and Living in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is certainly one of the undiscovered countries in Asia. In Bangladesh you are like walking through a door of a modern world clashing with the ancient world. Where you can see the huge and chaotic metropolis of Dhaka city or extremely special cultures. Please refer to useful Bangladesh travel and accommodation experiences to prepare your trip.

Religious diversity

Bangladesh is a land of religious diversity in which the majority are Muslims, but there is a population of Hindus scattered throughout the country. There are also tribal communities in the Chittagong hills and growing immigrants from Myanmar. What is special is that life in Bangladesh has always had a religious harmony between Muslims and Hindus, although in other places it is still stressful. When you travel here, pay attention to the culture and greeting of each religion to show its polite culture.

In the Bangladesh travel experience dictionary, a friendly greeting will be the link between you and the locals here. It can be difficult to distinguish who is religious for a first-time traveler? The main greeting in Bangladesh for Muslims is "Asalaam Aleikum", however Hindus use Bengali as "Nomkarkar". If you are not sure, to be safe you can say hello in English "Good morning" or "Hello".
Currency in Bangladesh
The currency in Bangladesh is the Taka of Bangladesh. This coin is not available outside of Bangladesh, however, there are exchange shops in the Sudder Street area in Kolkata that will be able to offer you Taka in exchange for your USD. In addition, you can also exchange money at the border area or international airport gate in Bangladesh, ATMs or banks. However, not all ATMs in Banladesh also accept foreign cards and card swallowing occurs frequently at ATMs so check before you push the card into the slot. For the easiest way you should exchange USD to Taka at exchange shops in Bangladesh or banks.
Bangla (or Bengali) is the language of Bangladesh. The main difference you will find is in English speaking proficiency in Bangladesh as English is not widely used, especially outside of cities, provinces and traffic signs, in other countries. stations, etc. must not be signed and written in English. Young people like students and students often have the ability to speak English more than middle-aged generations. So, when you come to Bangladesh, you should prepare a few important sentences in local language for easy communication, and do not forget to download Google Translate to your phone.
Travel by train
One of the best ways to travel in Bangladesh is by train. Trains are generally very comfortable compared to other public transports even though the railway network is old. The intercity trains are of good quality, comfortable and reliable. However, the trains that deliver papers and mail are often slow, almost always delayed. In addition, you can go by long-distance bus, but the quality of bus service here is lower than the train because there have been some collisions with this vehicle.
Places of Interest in Bangladesh
Sylhet - In the northeastern region of Bangladesh, here are large green tea gardens, and that is also the main source of the economy of the people here.
Khulna - Sixty Dome Mosque, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Indeed very impressed with this church
Rajshahi - Home to the most complete of rail and road transport facilities. Railways are the leading means of transport in Bangladesh, please tell them once.
Book hotel room.
Plan and book in advance. Bangladesh is not an easy place to find evening accommodation in a remote country. It's better to book accommodation and pay in advance so that you will be sure to have a place to rest when you arrive. All hotels here you can book online. Call them directly for the fastest and easiest booking.

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